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Migrating from Windows Server 2003 is not an option — it is a necessity

Microsoft discontinued support of Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015, but Datacentrix can help you fill the gap quickly and cost effectively. Not only does Datacentrix have the expertise to transition with confidence, but our top partnership accreditations ensure the supply of leading technology infrastructure and integrated systems for large, medium and small enterprises.


Helping you to optimise your business

Datacentrix’ hands-on customer approach and consultation methodology ensures the right operating systems is implemented for our customers’ specific requirements and workload. New infrastructure efficiencies support business value.


Mitigate unnecessary business risk with modern infrastructure

Do not wait. The risk of running legacy infrastructure and unsupported, unsecure, and non-compliant software is too great to ignore. Update your server environment today.


Leverage experience and expertise that you can trust

Datacentrix is an experienced channel partner that can help you through this transition seamlessly. You can count on Datacentrix to help you plan, design, implement, manage and support your migration. Datacentrix has partnered with HP and Microsoft for more than 20 years and can help you transition from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2 with ease and with minimal disruption.


Get started

There is no avoiding the need for change, but it does not have to be disruptive. We’ll help reduce the complexity, time, and risk associated with migrating applications and infrastructure, helping you to modernise your environment.


Five things to consider

Five things you need to know about migrating from Windows Server 2003. An executive brief sponsored by HP and Microsoft >> Download

  1. It’s not really about Windows Server 2003: Align the migration with your long-term business vision. This can mean getting expert help to build a cohesive plan and explore fresh approaches
  2. Shortcuts will take longer and cost more than doing it right from the start: Conduct a thorough discovery of your environment, including hardware and software inventory, facilities and skills
  3. Not everything needs to be migrated:  Create a dialogue with line-of-business users to understand how your servers are being used
  4. Hardware matters more than you think:  Invest in the right infrastructure
  5. You don’t need to go it alone: Find the right partner to help you move forward



Datacentrix offers a range of technology solutions to future-proof your business:

  1. Large enterprise solutions
  2. Medium enterprise solutions
  3. Small enterprise solutions



Datacentrix offers a range of services from strategy and planning to integration services, training, and management. Get started with the right services for your business today.




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